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Jon Bogdanove 2016

As one of the chief architects of the record-breaking epic The Death of Superman, Jon Bogdanove is best known for his long run as penciler and occasional writer on DC’s Superman: The Man of Steel (most issues between #1-#85) where his dynamic work brought to life many landmark Superman stories, including some of the best-selling comics of all time. He also co-created Steelwith Louise Simonson.


Bogdanove Superman Cover



At Marvel, Bogdanove penciled-- and later, wrote-- Simonsons Power Pack and drew Fantastic Four v. The X-Men, by Chris Claremont.  Other notable comics include X-Factor, X-Terminators, Superman v. Savage Dragon 2, Superman v. Aliens 2, and issues of Batman, The Hulk, Alpha Flight, Solomon Kane, and 2015’s Batman ’66 #24.

Rick Burchett

Rick Burchett is a veteran of over 30 years in the comics industry. In that time he has been an artist on everything from Archie to the Justice League to Kid Colt, Outlaw, but is best known for his long tenure on DC's "Adventures" books (Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures, etc). He's also logged extended runs on E-Man, Blackhawk, Green Lantern, and She Hulk. Along the way he's picked up three Eisner Awards and the Haxtur Award from Spain.


For the past four years Rick, along with writer Greg Rucka and editor/web designer Eric Newsom, has been producing the twice-weekly web comic, Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. www.ineffableaether.comRick Burchett Superman


He lives in St. Louis with his wife and two sons.

Josh ElderBy day, Josh Elder is the mild-mannered writer of numerous titles for DC Comics - including Adventures of Superman, Sensation Comics, Scribblenauts Unmasked, and The Batman Strikes - as well as the nationally syndicated comic strip and graphic novel series Mail Order Ninja. By night, he runs Reading With Pictures, an educational nonprofit organization that promotes the use of comics in education, and serves as the "Comics Ambassador" for the US State Department!Josh Elder Reading with Pictures

Ken Bailey HeadshotKen Bailey, 60,is a self-published cartoon artist, caricaturist,ancomic book creator/artist/writer whose earliest books date back to thmid-1960’s (having “publishedan issue from ongoing series Supercat while yet in Junior High School).


Since 2004, Ken’s current flagship charactehas been a supercharged middle-aged school teacher named THE MIGHTY ENERGYGIRL. A human woman born in the 50’s with a fluke in her DNA, EnergyGirl (Ellen Anne Peabody) grew up with every cell in her body developed to a perfection far beyond usual. She can run at 70 mph, bench press 250 tons,and exercise for hours without tiring; Ken loves telling both sides of her story (Supervillains fear her muscles;school kids fear her homework)! EnergyGirls mortal husband Stan Peabody is her unlikely mate; he is there to listen and serve her hot chocolate at thend of the day when the super-workday is over and she wants to lay the hero mantle down and just be a normal human again.Ken Bailey EnergyGirl



There have been to date thirty-plus feature-length EnergyGirl comic books produced, a like number of shorter vignettes,and several thousand stand-alone full color panels. The “Super Schoolmarmhas appeared on DeviantArancurrently has two Facebook pages in her honor.


Ken also creates caricatures and other types of cartoons as well.

Larry CatheyA long time creative director for both private agency as well as corporate entities, Larry Cathey is a relative new comer to the comic industry. Larry is the owner and primary creative at the small publishing house Heycat Comics.


Started in 2014, Larry’s primary title is Mek Corps. Based 300 years into the future, the tale unveils the struggle for control of an infinite energy released into our universe upon the death of a neighboring universe.Larry Cathey MekCorps


Larry also collaborates with other creatives such as J.F. Pereira from Spain for his title Steam Spirit as well as Gary Goldstein from New York on his short story David. Additionally, Larry maintains his own web comic PaperJams.



Larry’s work can be found at both and

SeanDulaneyWorking on the independent scene since 2001, Sean has projects coming from Arcana Studios and Markosia Press and relaunched his Bimor Comics imprint in 2013, making the books available at conventions and online via Comixology. Recent Bimor releases include a collection of his F. Stein serial, the original horror/comedy NIGHT OF THE JORILLA and debuting at the 2015 Celebration is a fundraising anthology for Save The Massac featuring public domain characters originally written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.










Lonnie EasterlingLonnie Easterling is the creator of Spud Comics, the single panel comic strip that has appeared in newspapers and online for the past seven years. During that time he has published four printed collections: Brain Peelings, Spud Salad, Baked Spuds, and most recently Side o' Spuds which was printed in color comic book format. You've probably seen his cartoons shared on social media by the likes of George Takei, Lou Ferigno and others.



A lifelong Superman fan, this will be Lonnie's fifth year appearing as a Comics Guest at the Superman Celebration.Lonnie Easterling Spud Comics



Lonnie lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife and three children.


Jim HallJim Hall is a recovering comic book artist. After drowning himself in mainstream comics, working for Marvel, DC and Dark Horse for most of his twenties, he found financial salvation in the corporate world.  Jim relapsed once or twice in the last two decades, but recently fell off the wagon and found himself in the gutter of creator-owned comics.  His newest project will be “Darklight” (or “Bloodhound” or “Sleuth,” depending on copyright crap).  Look for it next summer at

Van PlexicoVan Allen Plexicowon the 2015 Pulp Factory Awards for both Novel of the Year and Anthology of the Year. He is the Amazon bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and numerous short stories, novellas, nonfiction books, columns and essays from a variety of publishers. In addition to his ongoing SENTINELS illustrated superhero novel series and his SHATTERING space opera series, he has written two bestselling nonfiction books about Marvel’s Avengers as well as being selected to write the year-by-year history of the Avengers for Upper Deck’s commemorative trading card set. He has written the adventures of many classic pulp characters for various publishers, including Sherlock Holmes, the Griffon, Hawk, Mars McCoy and Lance Star. His biweekly interview program, the White Rocket Podcast, was a finalist in the 2015 Parsec Awards.VanPlexicoComic


An Associate Professor at Southwestern Illinois College, he has appeared as a guest, presenter and event host at many conventions and festivals across the US, and has hosted the Marvel vs DC Jeopardy event at DragonCon in Atlanta for the past 18 years.

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